The law office of James M. Milliken opened for business on July 1, 1969, with Jim Milliken as the sole practitioner. The original office was in the back of the old Cheyenne County State Bank building (now First National Bank) in St. Francis, Kansas, and was quite small. The secretary was shared by a real estate loan agent, attorney-abstractor and an attorney banker.

On December 1, 1969, a branch office was established in Bird City, Kansas, at 103 W. Fourth Street. While this branch has since closed, Mr. Milliken worked in this office on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. For many years, a part-time secretary from the St. Francis office traveled to fill the position in this office.

On November 1, 1970, the St. Francis law office moved to its present location at 101 W. Washington.

The legal practice of the firm started slowly. Mr. Milliken likes to recall the first month's gross receipts which totaled $37.50. The practice expanded and grew from an income tax client base and now includes estate planning, probate, real estate, litigation, corporate, domestic, commercial law and many other areas.

The current offices have been expanded and remodeled to meet the needs of the firm and its clientele. A vault, an office and a conference room were added to the south of the building in 1981. At that time, the basement was also converted into a work area for tax preparation and library/conference room. In 2003, the upstairs conference room was converted into two offices.

In March 1996, Mr. Milliken's Daughter Kari M.Gilliland, a graduate of Washburn Law School, joined the firm. Kari worked with domestic issues and estate planning as well as the general practice of law. She was also a certified mediator in disputed matters.

The firm will continue to provide service to its clients in the general practice of law. The philosophy of the firm has always been to provide quality legal work at a fair price. Personal relationships with clients have always been important in addition to supporting the community. Honesty, fairness, hard work and a "the-client-comes-first" attitude is the backbone of the firm.